Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

Look at this marine biodiversity! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It's just like Claire Nouvian described: "Down at the bottom of the oceans, there are forests of corals extending over hundreds of square kilometers, sheltering an infinitely rich and varied fauna. Sharks and cephalopods lay their eggs there; giant gorgonians offer their branches as promontories for echinoderms; delicate sponges welcome crustaceans and fishes."

But these animals don't just exist to be pretty. Marine ecosystems play a crucial role in life-sustaining global processes. The ocean provides carbon capture, climate change buffering, and coastal protection, among other functions. It also offers a staggering amount of food, pharmaceuticals and other stuff that is vital to our well-being. The ability for the sea to supply these essential "goods and services" depends on complex and mysterious relationships between organisms and their environments -aka marine biodiversity.

Come visit our marvelous and growing Northwest Atlantic sea floor. The Loop Craft Cafe is located on 1547 Barrington Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Thanks to everyone who has lent or donated sea creatures to the project so far. We look forward to your contributions!

(Bonus points for anyone who can pick out the lumpfish!)

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