Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Squiggly Bits

The staggering variety of creature features out there on the North Atlantic sea floor provide unique challenges to crafters, especially knitters and crocheters. But fear not! Experts at The Loop Craft Cafe in Halifax are sharing a series of sea creature tips and patterns on their blog.

As local knitting maven Mimi describes, "From sea spiders and brittlestars to corals, many of the inhabitants of the North Atlantic sea floor have squiggly bits in their anatomy." Her latest post provides an excellent how-to guide for knitting wavy shapes.

Follow her instructions to create your own Iridogorgia. This graceful, curvy octocoral sways in the current like a dancer, as captured by a submersible camera here (check the 50 second mark).

Locals -keep your eye on The Loop's storefront as it is transformed into a lush North Atlantic Seafloor in the days and weeks leading up to World Ocean Day.

(Underwater photo courtesy of NOAA and knitted photo courtesy of The Loop.)

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