Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ocean's Only Flying Elephant

Allow us to present the darling of unusual marine animal enthusiasts: the Dumbo Octopus. Doesn't she look fantastic?! This little critter was knitted for us using a pattern from Hansigurumi.

Grimpoteuthis, AKA Dumbo Octopus, are a recent scientific discovery, so-named for their delightful ear-like fins. These fins are used in combination with eight pulsing arms and a water funnel to hover elegantly, just above the sea floor. From there they can browse for worms, shellfish and copepods.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans recently caught one on camera during an exploratory voyage into Sable Gully. This deep canyon is located just 200 kilometers off the coast of Nova Scotia, and is home to thousands of amazing species. Dumbo octopi living there should be relatively safe from human impacts, because Sable Gully has been designated as a Marine Protected Area since 2004.

(Knitted dumbo courtesy of Mammals. Photo courtesy of David Shale.)

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